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Being out in the prairies plunked me up close and personal with our origins of food. We drove down dirt roads passing fields of wheat, barley, oats, canola and more. We spotted herds of cows and chicken coups. I had to chuckle having my grocery list at home with “canola oil”, “oatmeal”, “milk” and more as a reminder. This brought new meaning to me as “the hand that feeds you” are the farmers that make it happen for us, family members, no less. How that warms my heart.

This day and age youngsters and adults alike have lost touch with where our food comes from. On that fine day, I was surrounded with all that we eat ready for the harvest, almost.

We are also so caught up with food that’s so processed or designed specially for one thing or another. Nutrition is a science with a lot of grey-zone that the consumer gets confused with what on earth they ought to eat. I love the notion of Naturally Nutrient Rich because it’s all about eating foods that are chocked full of nutrients per calorie.

I wish those days of calorie or grams of fat or carb counting would end already. Our bodies need all of the vitamins and minerals to function optimally, not a bottle of water with some vitamins added – what gives?!

It’s time to put our thinking caps on to grasp the wider meaning of food and what we should eat and lose the narrow view of old fads. On my family reunion our last family dinner together we shared a pig roast as the sun set. Thank goodness I’m not a vegetarian! The buffet also had cream potatoes and dill pulled from cousin Shelley’s garden that day, yummy cabbage rolls and various veggie dishes galore. Talk about local. We got “the food miles” for that meal down to a few yards! How great is that?

You don’t need to visit a farm to get up close and personal with your food origins. But think about it now and then and make choices in the grocery store or market with more food in their original form to get that Naturally Nutrient Rich quotient maxed out for your health benefit.

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