Bosom Buddy Study

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I read about how finding a buddy to start a new regimen can help. You can compare notes, inspire each other and remind each other why you wanted to improve in the first place.

You can use a true blue friend, find a cyber buddy or rely on your doctor or dietitian’s support. One study showed that 40% of dieters who connected with their buddies regularly lost weight over a six month period. They kept it off for 18 months following which was most impressive. After all maintaining the changes you made is the most important part, don’t you think?

Everybody on any plan hits a snag now and then with the ebb and flow of life. That’s what life’s about. It sure is easier when you have an ear, a shoulder, a supporter, a cheerleader to travel with you on your diet roller coaster.

Funny, I had dinner last week with my good friend Loretta. Later in the evening we got to talking about how our bodies have changed now that we’re both north of age 50. She had a perfect line “…my body is no longer my own!” Tell me about it.

In no time we shared exercise tips – arm weights, stretches, lunges, squats, push ups, ab crunches, the works. We ended up showing each other moves that help tone and strengthen getting right down on the floor wearing dresses and all. Good thing we were in her kitchen and not a restaurant!

Now when I do my “mat routine” I think about dropping her a line to see how it’s going. Nothing like having a good buddy to share and motivate.

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