Family Affair with Food Needs a Paradigm Shift

July 22nd, 2012 No Comments Tags: , , , , ,

What’s the deal with family and food these days? I recently read some alarming statistics on a study conducted on family and food-related habits. The findings left me thinking more deeply on the matter:

  • 44% of parents to 0-12 year olds don’t know, at 5pm, what they will eat for dinner, at least 3 times per week;
  • 35% of parents mention time as being the major obstacle to eating well;
  • 56% of children say they do not regularly cook with their parents;
  • 80% of children would like to take part in meal preparation;
  • Only 18% of children say that they help daily in meal preparation;
  • 34% of families watch television during mealtime;
  • 32% of families eat outside the home one or two nights per week, and 12% have dinner outside the home almost half of the time;

We spend time on what matters most and it appears that food and eating are becoming alarmingly less important to Canadian families. Kids might take lessons up the whazoo like learning how to play the trumpet but know little about food, even though they’d like to lend a hand in the kitchen. Learning about food and eating is a life skill that will hold your kids up to make them soar through life.

One of my pet peeves when I grocery shop is seeing bigger kids sitting in the grocery cart zoned out while their parent is darting around the store. The grocery store is a perfect setting to get kids involved. Little kids know how to fix your computer, your phone and more but know squat about fixing a sandwich. What gives?! They want to join in with food preparation, so why not let them?!

Do a rethink about food prep and eating together this coming week. Get your kids up close and personal with some basic skills – toss a salad, set a table, make a lunch, choose some plums at the grocery store, then eat together face to face with the boob tube off. Really folks, the skies the limit. What’s nicer than connecting with one another after a hard day’s night? Absolutely nothing, that’s what!

The trumpet has sounded, now’s the time to change.

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