Grocery Cart Smarts & Your Weight

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When I grocery shop I often notice people mulling around in a daze as they face myriad products and decisions. It helps to keep your wits about you with some tips and tricks top of mind when you grocery shop that can help your wallet and your weight.

Club Packs O Snacks
Before you go think long and hard about whether you are truly saving moula when purchasing those jumbo pillow sacks of snacks, “in case company drops in”. Who’s been eating this stuff, company? Perhaps not. Yes it’s true there are economies of scale when buying large quantities. What is the net result on YOUR scale? If that needle points to a higher and higher number what have you really saved? Think about it.

Losing the Hunger Games
Now you’re heading to the store. The first rule of thumb is to have a snack before you set out. A rumbly tumbly might find you strolling up and down aisles that you hadn’t previously planned. Products might find their way in your cart. Beware of these hunger games! You’re the one who loses, so does your budget.

Will that be cash?
Paying with cash makes you mindful of what you’re buying. It’s easy to drive your cart off course and fill up on features and nifty items. When you pay by debit you barely need to give those extra items another thought. However, when you only have a limited amount of moula you need to stick to your plan.

Be smart with your cart and give more thought to these finer shopping points. Making a paradigm shift can help you buy less (with less waste) and help you keep your waist. A good triple whammy that’s for sure.

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