Poker Face

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One question I get asked the most is how do I get my child to eat his vegetables? Answering this is like finding the Holy Grail, that million dollar question. Funny when I eat in a public place I sometimes get distracted with family interactions while sharing meals.

Feeding kids day in and day out ties parents in knots that’s for sure. Those first months of feeding babies and toddlers are so important. Anything new to an itty baby is met with a spirit of wonder and adventure. Something parents didn’t think they signed up for with parenthood, not to mention what they have patience for after a long day at the office.

Little one’s sensory input is at it’s max. Some studies show that kids can be offered food over 10 times or more before they’ll actually accept it. The look, the smell the taste, the mouthfeel – all of that is so new to babies, that we forget how sensitive they are.

In addition to all of that parents sometimes project their own likes and dislikes of various food when they’re offering various foods. For example offering a food you don’t enjoy with a disgusted look on your face will result in your tyke to hate it too. I often chuckle inwardly when parents say matter of factly that Little Johnny doesn’t like mushrooms just like me, isn’t that funny. As if there were a genetic link to food likes and dislikes.

So the next time you’re offering your kids food put on your best poker face and smile. You might like the outcome when Little Johnny actually likes it!

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