Vacation Salvation

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Making time to wind down has so many benefits. Recharging your battery, reconnecting with your bella familia or even spending time with the woman in the mirror is oh so important.

I just read about more benefits of vacationing – did you know that high-risk heart patients who regularly take annual vacations decrease their risk of death from heart disease by 29%. This same study found that people who vacation have a 17% lower risk of death from any cause.

We’ve read over and over that taking time off is crucial for stress recovery and this is key to improving well-being and job performance.

I think people say they’ll travel some time in the future and just need to make plans already. What are you waiting for? You may have notions of a grandiose holiday that costs a bomb when planning something simpler could bring you just as much joy with money to spare. Be spontaneous and take advantage of a seat sale. Go some place off season and save dough all around.

It’s a big world out there waiting to be seen. Get out of your own backyard. Check out your own country or travel abroad. Make time and enjoy. It could be your saving grace.

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