Celebrating Lunch & All Meals

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Lunch, breakfast or dinner – all meals are worth celebrating and none should be neglected. Trends show that we’ve turned into grazers – mooooooo!! Our time stretched schedules are making a squeeze on the very sustenance which gives us our spark, energy and zest. I say we need to re-prioritize our priorities and ensure meal time makes the cut.

I have never met anyone who looks forward to any meal more than my husband – yes, the sticky fingered Ukranian. Also, I have never know any one person to be more productive than him. He can juggle more “balls in the air” than the 5 best circus clown jugglers combined. How can you think straight when you spend your morning grazing on jelly beans and floundering?? You can’t!! Use this nutrition nugget to your advantage.

It sounds so contrived to reiterate the importance of working in at least 3 of the food groups at each meal. But it’s true. This is a fundamental for success. A meal with protein, for example, gives you the drive (and blood sugar control) to chug your way through to your next meal. Staying power. For example, if you load up on too many carbs meal after meal your blood sugar will keep dropping too early, making you want to graze all day. It’s a negative cycle that needs fixing.

So, make the time to prepare your meals, sit down, taste and savour them. This truly is one of life’s simple pleasures – enjoy…and enjoy the video!!

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