Doggie Bag – Anecdote to Portion Distortion

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It’s true the doggie bag is certainly an anecdote to portion distortion when dining out. I went out for dinner last evening and didn’t exactly follow my own advice from a pre-dining perspective. It was a busy Saturday, you know the drill, drive here, grocery shop there, fit in a walk, run as many errands as you can from the list. I fit in a small strategic lunch later in the afternoon to help save a few calories for extra indulgence at dinner.

Once I slowed down from my “to do” list ~5:30pm I was feeling famished and dinner reservations were at 8pm. You know that hollow leg feeling?? I thought, hmmmmm maybe I’ll have a little bit to eat to take the edge off. Lo and behold, there on the counter, calling out my name was a little box of Norman Love chocolates my devilish sister brought over. Oh Lordy, what food group do these fit into?? They’re pretty little so I decided to savour one. Talk about delectable – a chocolate explosion…..then I justified another and slammed shut the lid. MmmmMMmmm good, I made a pledge to pull some weeds tomorrow to counter balance the extras, knowing dinner was still pending.

Then my husband walks in the door after a work day of interviews with the food leftovers his mother made to put away. Talk about bad timing!! This was my anecdote to that hollow leg hunger, but it certainly wasn’t going to help out my “dining out” cause. Ug. The treats barely registered on my hunger scale so of course while we put the food away, I tried a cabbage roll here, a crepe there (not made with anything low fat) and a few other nibbles. I wish calories didn’t count standing up, alas…..

I did follow my “Dressing for Diet Success” rules though and wore a pair of my Ironsides jeans. We had a lovely dinner out at one of our favourite spots Trattoria Il Timone. Wine, fab bruschetta and delectable angel hair pasta with grilled shrimp with 2 spoons of parmesan cheese. Bello!! I did manage to bring home a doggie bag with a third of my serving of the pasta for another time as my personal peace offering.

Ok so what did I learn. First of all, not to feel guilty when indulging in one of life’s simple pleasures. There are more important things to worry about in life, eating a bit more than you should isn’t one of them. If it is for you, you’re simply not busy enough. Secondly, I guess in hindsight, I should have had a bigger lunch, but who knew how my afternoon would unfold. Next, I should have put that box of Norman Love chocolates out of sight and not leave them under my nose to sniff out when my blood sugar is low, my most vulnerable moment. You live and learn, note to self “try to plan better the next time”.

Now it’s time to pull some weeds!!

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