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People hear the ‘f’ word, ‘fibre’ and they seem to tune out. Sounds too healthy for many and besides isn’t it for those fifty-somethings and up? Well listen folks to this grain of truth, you don’t need to only be noshing on those seniors cereals. Work in some delish grains.

Just the Flax – Using these cracked or ground in cereal or on salads is dandy. There are myriad benefits on your heart, your bones, your joints and more.

Lend Me an Ear – Corn – Whether it’s popped or boiled as is, bring on the corn any old time. They’re a good source of vitamins A, C and E, carbs, fibre, minerals, plus protein.

Keen on Quinoa - Try in a salad or as a rice replacement. It’s delightful to have something new that tastes great and is higher in protein than your usual grains.

Sow Your Oats – This is my morning breakfast of choice that gets my day off on the right foot. Those antioxidants protect me from those dang free radicals likened to those “occupy Wall Street” characters but floating around in your body.

Grains are full of taste, nutrients and are satiety’s best friend. The “drano effect” is another added benefit if you ensure you drink sufficient fluids. Greet your grains with gusto and go for it!

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