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I’ve turned into a chronic forgetter of late. This time I forgot my ear plugs that I use when travelling by air to get my comedy and movie fix. What gives?!

This diverted me to do some reading then have some quiet time with my thoughts for the 5-hour flight. Hmmmm. Thinking time is such a novelty these days. Our systems are constantly bombarded with bad news, cuckoo commercials (seen that “No No” hair removal one a few too many times?), constant music – oh the noise, noise, noise, noise, noise!

I felt treated to this quiet time. I have recently redrafted that manuscript that will be released this fall on Amazon, so it was nice to contemplate my next steps as I approach the finish line of this project. I had time to think about family, work, golf, what to write next on T & T and nothing. Empty time really fills me up. I even took a little nap – how sweet.

I think the policy makers should make a law that all of the people in the land have some down time every dang day to just pull it together. Hmmm good food for thought, that’s for sure.

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