Feeling Small

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I love how the likes of Mother Nature brings us down to size when we stand up to her. I found myself back in Kelowna BC recently and took in the springtime pleasures – Ogo-Pogo, Lake Okanagan, Knox Mountain, the valley and more. Being out here makes me want to “go outside and play” and not come in even after the street lights come on.

Nature that’s so in your face it’s mesmerizing. I recently read an article that touted many additional benefits of getting active outdoors outside of the myriad of those we already knew. Scientists found that even the immunological elements in your blood improve, which brings the whole notion of those “healing ways of Mother Nature” to a whole new level.

Really folks I’m never one to listen to excuses of why not to exercise outside even on the coldest days of the year. But this time of year it’s a no brainer to get active outside 60 minutes a day if you can. The dust bunnies inside can wait while you’re digging in your garden or taking an after dinner walk in the sunshine or a family bike ride on the weekend. If you’re not active already, it’s a perfect time of year to start this new habit that we can work on sustaining every season.

Get one with nature. Get up close and personal. Get silent and take it all in. Mother Nature will bring you down to size in her awesome wonder – the best way to be brought down to size of all!

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