Put Your Best Food Forward – Avocado

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I’m a lover of avocados. They put the ole in guacamole! A food for the taste seeking god that’s for sure.

Avocados are given a bad wrap sometimes as a fruit that is inherently high in fat. Yes they do have fat in them; however, our body needs fat and healthy ones at that, so get a grip. These naturally nutrient rich gems are bursting with monounsaturated fat that have a positive effect on your blood lipid profile by lowering LDL and triglicerides while raising the good cholesterol HDL’s further. Hmmm a triple sow cow of benefits!

I never tasted an avocado I didn’t love especially as guacamole, cut up in wraps, sandwiches or in salads. The best guacamole I ever tried was at a restaurant called the Mission in Arizona. They made it at our table. I’ve been on a mission to perfect the recipe ever since.

Include avocados in your diet guilt free. They are a naturally nutrient rich emerald of a fruit. Enjoy!

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