Can you relate??

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Are you familiar with this place? Do you live in the whirling eddy of the eating vortex? Do you constantly get sucked into the tornado of overindulgence even though you try to fight against it? The answer may be YES if any of these scenarios sound vaguely familiar:

  • You skip breakfast and end up starving by 10 am, so you grab a slice of banana cake at a coffee shop (but rationalize that it’s okay since bananas are healthy).
  • Your night time routine consists of you, a sofa, the remote control and a bag of chips (or cookies, or popcorn, or cereal, or your other favourite crunchy edible).
  • You consume more calories while preparing dinner than you do when you actually eat dinner, and you eat all remaining morsels of food from your kids’ plates.
  • You eat well from Monday to Friday but lose control all weekend – beer, burritos, burgers and brownies, baby!
  • You always give into guilt and have seconds (or fifths) your mom’s meatloaf, or her apple pie, or her fried chicken, or her double chocolate caramel cheesecake with the cookie crumb crust or her….
  • You pamper yourself with food rewards – like a box of chocolates – as a pat on the back for a job well done.
  • You believe that a buffet is really about eating “all you can eat.”
  • You think that calories don’t count when you’re on vacation.
  • You eat mass quantities of comfort foods to deal with stress.

If you answered YES to one or more of these questions, you are likely stuck in the eating vortex. The good news is that with a little knowledge, some helpful tips and a dash of personal empowerment, you can successfully navigate your way through the vortex and learn the skills required to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. I’m here to tell you that it can be done – and know this first hand. I’ve done it!

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