Hair Apparent – ABC’s of Healthy Hair

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Eating well and ensuring you get optimal nutrition is important from the inside out. A follicle of truth especially when it comes to the health of your hair. We might not think of our crowning glory as something we can improve on with good nutrition, but it certainly is true AND worth the effort.

Vitamin A – You’re Adorable
Getting your dark green veggies punches up your Vitamin A intake which helps as your hair’s natural conditioner.

Vitamin B – You’re so Beautiful
Foods loaded with B vitamins vary from whole grains, eggs, nuts, beans and peas and more. These slow down hair loss and encourages growth. As aging happens so does the amount of hair left in the hairbrush, it would seem?

Vitamin C – You’re a Creature full of Charm
Get those brightly coloured fruits plus broccoli to pump up the structure. Your hair’s proverbial weights.

Take heed of the nutrition your hair needs to get the most of your coif. Eating well helps your whole body, including the body of your hair.

Can this baby be any cuter? She’s pretty perfect from the inside out with the fountain on top – that’s for sure!

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