Dinnertime Shuffle

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Do you find you get stuck in a rut when deciding what to make for dinner? Compound to that stories in the media about dangers of our food. I’m a dietitian and sometimes feel the sky is falling and feel badly for consumers reading some of this stuff. What gives??

Aside from general likes and dislikes I believe an approach to the dinnertime blues is to do like your i-Pod and shuffle your main course. Change is good while variety is certainly the spice of life especially for dinner.

Assuming you got my memo on ensuring you eat your 5-10 fruits and veggies per day plus milk with meals, make that your foundation. Do change up your main course from using beef one night, chicken another, beans or legumes, a dairy-based dish next, onto fish, eggs, pasta, nuts and more. I’m sure you got my drift.

Talk about covering all of the protein bases. These are all naturally nutrient rich basics that tantalize your tastebuds while fulfilling your nutritional needs. An even better measure is going fresh from processed. The less muddling with your food the better, don’t you think??

So call a family meeting and have everybody gather around and buy in your new norm. It’s the main course shuffle that everyone can enjoy and no one become bored.

As they say, change is the new norm – so shuffle your main course!!

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