Of Luck ‘n Such

March 15th, 2012 No Comments Tags: , , , ,

A fiddle dee dee and the top of the morning to you lassie. Yes it’s that time of year to find a shamrock, hug an Irish leprechaun and realize the pot of gold in your life, hmmmmm.

Now that I’ve inherited a wee red-headed Irish niece I am more mindful of March 17, all that’s green (yes, that 5-10 fruits & veg) and downing a pint or two. With the weather we’ve been havin’ the grass is surely turning green…. also because of the dogs in the neighbourhood fertilizin’ our lawns all winter long.

With thoughts of a four leaf clover and luck it’s interesting how opportunities arise for the diligent diggers among us. Maybe luck comes your way with the more you do with work, social, givin’ and play. Come to think of it though your pot of gold may have already arrived while you’re still standing out on the step waitin’ for it to be delivered.

So fiddle dee dee, hug a leprechaun, do a good deed, down a green beer and be content where you’re at in life, because it really doesn’t get any better dan dis. Cheers to all Saint Paddy’s day!!

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