Work Burnout Eating Roller Coaster

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Who doesn’t know somebody experiencing work burnout these days? No one, that’s who!

I recently read about a study that looked at women’s work burnout and emotional eating. As I like to refer to it as that dang eating roller-coaster. The researchers found that those who reported work burnout were also more inclined to emotional eating when feeling stressed, anxious or blue. Sound familiar?

When experiencing stressful circumstances it is not the time to start trying to diet or you’ll get a boomerang in your head. It is time to eat more healthily though to provide you with an artillery of naturally nutrient rich foods as your first line of defense on the combat field of life. During times like these, eating a regular meal and snack pattern is a perfect starting place so you don’t get into the habit of missing meals then gorging on junk or fast food when you’re famished then continue that death spiral. You know what I”m talking about!

Flood yourself with fruit to load up on taste and vitamin C, while taking the edge off your appetite at snack and mealtime. Make sure you take that vitamin D if you’re spending too much time basking under fluorescent lights and too little time catching a few rays as your natural source of D. Ensure you eat enough protein as your way to keep satiated so your tumbly doesn’t get so rumbly.

Find 5 minutes here and 10 minutes there and take a walk to air your head. If you can swing an evening walk of a mile or two you will burn off steam and save yourself money going to the shrink.

Sometimes life’s a bitch. You need to take the steering wheel, get and stay in the driver’s seat to stay in control – beep-beep, beep-beep – YAAAA!

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