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We all know someone who we think could use a little advice. Take my Dad (aka Pops) for example, he has had high blood pressure for years. He also has balance issues which put a monkey wrench on his walking routine. His appetite; however, has been as good as ever leaving his girth looking like he’s due in 3 months if you catch my drift. At least it was… Well, there’s no preaching “diet” to Pops. Although he’ll listen politely and thank you, he’ll just keep on doing what he’s been doing. I guess we can give him a break given he was the only man in our household growing up with 5 females bossing him around. Well 4, I barely got a word in edgewise :-) He is a living saint, but I digress!!

What is it about that senior generation, they treat every goodie like it’s their last? Cookies, Werthers candies, donuts, cake, French fries….. Not to mention doing the “shake, shake, shake” with that salt shaker. Like I’ve always said “all foods can fit”. My point is to not have them all fit on the same day unless of course you’re a triathlete in training!

This year we have the first family wedding of our young generation – our benchmark nephew Chris to our Jenny-girl. The essence of the circle of life lingers in our family’s consciousness as the excitement builds for the blessed event. As routine dictates, my parents go to Florida’s proverbial Del Boca Vista for a few winter months. One day when they were there enjoying “the early bird special” there was a man at the next table who looked like he was living with the consequence of having had a stroke. Well that experience hit Pops like a ton of bricks.

Since that day Pops started cutting back on the treats, the salt, got back to walking and has made a 180 degree turn ON HIS OWN. He’s losing weight steadily, as if he’s competing with George Castanza on the Jenny Craig television commercials. His tummy has shrunk down where he almost doesn’t look like he’s expecting and his blood pressure is much better – thank the Lord!! He ordered French fries as a treat the other day and said he didn’t really liked the way they tasted. Just as Lee DeWyze sang on Idol “Alleluia”….amen Lee!!

Who says you can’t teach an ole dog new tricks?? Well you still can’t!! They have to learn it on their own. In this case, I’m glad he did. Way to go Pops, keep up the good work!!

I know we preach to each other because we care. If our preaching falls on deaf ears, I say dish yourself up some of your “good advice”, MYOB and do something to better yourself.

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