Strike a Pose – Bend & Stretch

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When I think of an icon of physical strength and flexibility, I think of Madonna – that little minx! I used to work out watching MTV music videos and always marvelled at her limber flexibility. Although I work hard at being active all year long, a number of years ago it became evident to me how weak and inflexible I was physically. When I’d travel on business I could hardly lift my computer bag in the overhead bin on the plane and when I’d nail polish my toes I could barely reach them without bending my knees. Ug!

Like many of the goals I make I decided to commit to a few baby steps in my daily routine, this time to incorporate building strength and flexibility. I call it my “Mat Routine”. In all, it takes me 5-7 minutes to do and I work it in 3-5 times per week even when on the road. I have literally completed this routine while boiling water to make pasta. Here’s what it entails:

  • I start off with my feet apart doing stretches from side-to-side, then bends from toe-to-toe
  • Then I use a set of dumb-bells with 2 series of repetitions
  • Then I hit the deck and do 1 series of bent leg push ups and repeat this as my final exercise
  • From there I do a series of ab crunches

I must say this has made a world if difference for me with everyday living of lifting, pushing, bending and the like. My spaghetti arms still look like spaghetti arms, although they are definitely stronger. Visit the RealAge web-site to get ideas about branching out your routine a bit more to improve your strength and flexibility. This may not have any effect on your weight, but it will on your measurements, such as your waist circumference. It did for me.

Know your Limit….

Just like the advertisement says “know your limits and stay within it” stay within your physical abilities when establishing any physical activity routine. I have a sister who’s a workout maven. Holidaying with her was like being at an IronMan camp. I needed a few days of bed rest when I got home!! A few years ago I asked her to show me how to use one of those balance balls. Well, after almost cow-piling head first into the corner of her end table and doing myself in, I decided that wasn’t an exercise for me. Been there, done that, and am still alive to talk about it!! Be realistic about what you work in to your workout.

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