Guiding Principle: Take Heed on What You Need

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Ending this March, Nutrition Month Theme, featuring common myths and truths started by Dietitians of Canada, T & T will feature this last myth from the campaign.

Focusing our food choices on making items from all of the food groups in Canada’s Food Guide is a perfecting starting point to eat healthy and maintain your weight.

Myth 4 – You’ll gain weight if you follow Canada’s Food Guide – it recommends too much food. NOT!
Truth – The recommended number of servings in Canada’s Food Guide is an average amount of food that most people should try to eat every day. You might need to choose more or less food depending on your individual needs such as your physical activity level. The type of food you choose is just as important as how much you eat. The Food Guide recommends that you have a variety of foods and limit foods and beverages high in calories, fat, sugar and salt. Enjoy healthy choices from each food group in the amount that is right for you.

There are more and more food and beverage products readily available in the marketplace. The secret is to “recalculate your eating route” by reviewing what a recommended serving sizes and numbers is compared to your routine and recalibrate if you need to. Also see what you’re eating that doesn’t fit into any food group. You know, those pillow sacks of junk and gallons of sugary drinks. Edge those out of your diet while working in what you need and you might be surprised at the positive results…..

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