I’m Down for More Brown

January 30th, 2012 No Comments Tags: , , ,

I love a reminder of why we should get outside and play in the dead of winter: our brown fat gets kindling. I just read about a study published finding that one type of it gets turned on when people get cold, sucking fat from the body to fuel itself. Oh Mother Nature, how I love thee and your wonders!

One study showed that brown fat can burn ordinary fat. In fact “…when the cells run out of their own small repositories of fat, they suck fat out of the rest of the body.” Subjects in a study were put in a cold environment, not to the point of shivering. Their metabolic rates increased by 80% and kept the subjects warm.

In another study looking at a different type of brown fat found that exercise can make it appear, by turning ordinary white fat brown. Well sign me up to that plan, put me down for more brown. Makes me appreciate winter just a little more after reading that!

I would deduce then that exercising outside on a cold winter’s day could be a double whammy of sorts to burn baby burn. Despite the fact that amounts of brown fat vary widely among individuals and occurs minimally in obese individuals matters less knowing the joy a jaunt out in a winter wonderland can bring.

An other good reason to get out side and play!

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