Take a Jump from the Winter Slump

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As the winter slides full force you don’t want your eating efforts to. With the passing of January you can almost see spring from the mountain top. Don’t lose heart, lose the bad attitude!! Here’s a refresher on a few tips to take heed.

Breakfast Bonzai – Don’t be a Butt-Head and skip this golden opportunity to start the day off right. Do have breakfast every single day.

Lunch & Munch – Lead, don’t follow and bring a lunch to work. You’ll eat well and save money for a rainy day.

Surge to Purge – What’s lurking behind your milk carton?? Have you looked lately? If you haven’t already done so, out with the old and in with the new. Clean out your fridge and pantry of the expired and fuzzy foodstuffs plus the junk you have on hand “for visitors”. This is my kind of cleanse.

Make a List & Stick to It – Get in the habit of making and using grocery lists chocked full of positive eating opportunities to guide your shopping and weekly healthy eating. Say “ni” to the mountain high specials of junk food. Didn’t you just chuck it out anyways?? How much money are you saving binging on that stuff?? NOT MUCH, that’s what!!

Saving & Misbehaving – Don’t skip any meals because you think you’re gonna save calories. Eating all of your meal is your insurance your metabolism won’t waver thinking you’re going into starvation mode. A regular meal pattern is your friend. Don’t forget it!!

Family Affair – Get the family in on the plan. Have them add to the weekly list, make suggestions, help with the shopping, label reading, food preparation and even the clean up.

Clue in the to Cues – Check in on the hunger and satiety cues regularly. Cluing in can help you scale back if you’ve been overdoing it.

Pre-Dinner Noshing – Get in the habit of curbing your dinner appetite with a piece of fruit and glass of water either at that 4pm witches hour or 30 minutes before dinner.

Flexi-Plan – Go meatless now and then and join the flexitarian revolution. Old traditions die hard, but it’s easy to fill that protein void with diary dishes, eggs and nutty snacks.

Drink Klink – Have fewer calorie laden bevy’s and aim to scale back on the alcoholic ones.

Waistband Wanna-Be – If you wanna waist by spring ditch the elasticized waistbands now! Funny what you can hide under a cable knit sweater. Who are you fooling? Nobody, that’s who…..and sadly, only yourself….

Movement Movement - You are not a hibernating bear, so get outside and play. Start a movement movement and don’t stop until I say so…..

Ok folks, it never hurts to have a mini refresher from the stuff we already know. Do a spot check on your routine and see what you can do to tighten the screws. We’re all in this together after all right, Through Thick and Thin!!

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