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I was riding on the subway the other day and stood in front of a woman sitting crocheting. It got me thinking, hmmmmm. My eyes smiled as I watched her maneuver the windy needle and wool from her purse, as she sat lodged between others in transit. Was it a sweater she was creating? What was the pattern? Who was it for? Was it a Valentine’s gift perhaps? I looked away as she noticed me watching attentively.

My thoughts wandered to the past of my Grandma who used to crochet and knit. I remember leaning in her lap, looking up at her asking “Grandma will you crochet me a vest?” Our Matriarch with a multitude of grandchildren, and there I was opening the door to that slippery slope of an avalanche of requests. She never said “no”. I don’t believe that word was even in her vocabulary….well until some of my younger cousins came around :-)

Then my thoughts waned to the notion of how disposable everything is these days – from sweaters, to computers, to mobile phones, to TV sets, to shoes, to home furnishings, to jeans, to business suits, even relationships. Just because something is made in a far-away place doesn’t mean it’s any less special. For instance before Christmas my neighbourhood held a Christmas Caravan collecting nonperishable’s, gently used clothes and house wares for those in need. I went through drawers and closets and cupboards in every room of the house and gave away reams of stuff. And yes there was at least 1 sweater. And a crocheted one at that.

It made me mindful about the importance of being mindful about my stuff; about respecting it, treasuring it and treating it right. It got me thinking to change that “disposable” mindset on its head for people, places and things.

Enjoy the photo of my beloved Grandma – Katie, or as we would sing “Ka ka ka Katie”!. It would have been her birthday today  - Happy Birthday Gram xoxoxo

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