Cherish is the Word…

January 23rd, 2012 No Comments Tags: , , , ,

I’ve been doing some New Year reorganizing around my cave. Funny when you look at your spaces with an objective eye you may notice some accumulation nation and junk piles galore. While thoughts wander to “how did THAT get THERE??” hmmmm.

I decided to follow that Nate Berkus’ old adage to surround yourself with stuff you love. For me, it’s about stuff I love and stuff I cherish. Stuff with meaning.

Indy’s Great Grandfather, named Gido made some wooden farm tools and a storage box eons ago. I decided to get all jiggy with the re-org and put such treasures in places of honour. Funny how an hour spent doing this can bring peace and serenity to a cozy corner. I did the same thing in my den.

The following week I was reaching for a water glass in my cupboard and spied an old tea pot. It read at the bottom “To Danny Love Auntie Nettie, 1960″. While the football playoffs were on I brought it to the family room and found a special nook to showcase it. Ahhhh Indy had a sparkle in his eye as I did more reshuffling of stuff.

As much as I love those redesigning spaces programs, I always find myself dismayed with all of this new stuff. It’s nice to look at, but the spaces are far from being treasured places. Like designing without meaning. So think about what you cherish and find places of honour for them. It’ll be your connection back in time to your ancestors and loved ones.

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