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January 16th, 2012 No Comments Tags: , , , ,

I took a walk in the snow the other day, that first snowfall of the season. All bundled up I meandered along my usual route in my neighbourhood. Ahhh the snow that fell on my nose and eyelashes, got me thinking about things that bring me joy, hmmmmm.

Fluttering snow brings me joy

The clicking cardinal flying from treetop to treetop brings me joy

A bowl of steaming soup on a cold winter’s day

A funny e-mail from a friend

A cheque in the mail as a new contractor

A check off my loooooong to-do list

A blazing fire

Catching up with my confidant over roast chicken and Burrowing Owl

A long distance call from Indy while travelling on business

Planning weekend fun

Organizing a family dinner

Remembering a special birthday

Getting the laundry done before the weekend starts

Reminiscing about our 25th Anniversary extravaganza

Looking ahead to a family reunion…..

Many simple things bring me joy and thoughts of these warm my heart as my toes thawed after arriving home from my walk. Turn those January blahs, into the January AHA’s!! while you think about things that bring you joy.

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