The Other Night Before Christmas – 2011

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T’was the night before Christmas, and all in my head,

Was a list of thing to do, and a big sense of dread.

I had come down to realize that, I would make me a plan,

And to see just how with it, so with ideas I ran.

I mulled some things over, and made a short list,

One of these, one of those, eh, there was no one I missed!

I would focus on what’s real, during this most cherished time,

That brings joy and uniqueness, my thoughts turned on a dime.

With merriment, faith, joy, hope and love all abound,

Through soul searching helps these feelings eventually come around.

For this outlook was different, with focus on purpose,

Helps priorities align to what’s really important to us.

Our neighbour is older and can use a hand,

With the snow shovelling perhaps or a sprinkle of sand.

My friend from down east is going through radiation and chemo,

Could use a phone call, a joke, a kind word or allow an earful.

What the season’s about, well it is all up to you,

It can focus on me, or it can focus on what’s true.

You can spend all your time fretting about what others will say,

Or you can do what feels right and say “yo, what the hey!”

Soon the big day is coming, so will yours be alright?

With attention on others, bringing goodness and light?

Ya it’s fun to partake in the parties with wine,

After some glasses of “Oculus” you’ll be feeling mighty fine!

It’s important to remember what others are doing,

Is there food on their table? Are there some troubles brewing?

The very thought of that notion put a lump in my throat,

Our Christmas Caravan gives to the needy with food or a coat.

What you make of this season is all up to you,

You can worry about you or what’s important to do.

Change of your focus from inward to outward I say,

With thought, time and effort you can make someone’s day.

It’s the littlest task, that can mean so much in this world,

And one deed leads to another then another unfurled.

Then you’ll see that your focus on “me, myself and I”,

You’ll open your heart and look up to Heaven, my oh oh my!

Find perspective on life, where priorities should be,

Cause at the end of the day it’s gauche to just think about me.

Get moving, get helping, be productive and then,

You’ll find the pieces of the puzzle fall into place again.

Merry Christmas to you, your family and others,

Cause we’re really all related, we’re all sisters and brothers.

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