Change-up of the Seasonal Shuffle

November 28th, 2011 No Comments Tags: , , , , , ,

I was meandering downtown the other day and was struck by a swarm of skaters. Not literally of course!! As Jack Frost blows in to town, so do many exercise plans go poof that don’t bend and stretch with the change of season. Some who emulate the likes of Smokey the Bear plan to hibernate with the winds of change this autumn – nay nay I say!!

Despite being born and raised in this great not-so-white-north, I still find it difficult to get used to the cold – brrrrrrrrr. A great antidote to that is getting yourself a warm coat, thick hat and gloves and you’re good to go outside and play. You might surprise yourself at how lovely this time of year can be.

Take the other day for example, I changed up the time I took my walk and was treated to dusk. As I rounded my neighbourhood loop people’s Christmas lights turned on as the sky light dimmed. What a warm sight the lights, the Frosty’s, the tinsel and the decorations are as they glimmer in the evening.

So folks, give your attitude a tune-up and your exercise routine a change-up and get outside and enjoy.

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