Business Travel Bupkiss…. 2 Sleeps & I’m Home

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I always laugh at people who marvel at others who have the privilege to travel on business. Ya, watch the blood vessel in my head bulge as I laugh so hard…..I was recently on a short jaunt to SmallVille, so I’m thinking it’d be relatively uneventful….NOT.

It starts out on rainy and windy day with cumulonimbus clouds dotting the sky, how storybook??!! As we’re making our ascension into the sky there was a rockin’, rollin’ and coochy-coo’in’ as the plane’s wings waved left and right. Are we part of an air show or something?? Let me out of this tin-can!! I mumbled a few Hail Mary’s and one Glory Be because I thought our ascension was going right to Heaven. Yes I’ve always wanted to meet Steve Jobs, but truly, I can wait, really I can.

I settle in to my guilty pleasure and find comedy to view on demand as the turbulence dies down. That’ll make my rumbly tumbly less bumbly, right!! Well yes, that and some tomato juice and some pretzels, 3, I think, I almost lost count. I spilt nary a drop.

Off the plane, I snagged my bag after a while on 1 carousel that appeared to be the only one handling all incoming flights. The taxi line up snaked and slithered slow and long on this cool, damp, dusk evening. I dawned a cab with a delightful driver who snaked further up and down 1 way streets thinking I wouldn’t notice. If I had a compass on hand it would be spinning, let me tell you.

Ahhh yes, then my arrival at this not-so-chic “doggie friendly” tired motel-like complex. I like “people friendly” places; perhaps I’m a little high maintenance. Hmmmm, how can I describe it, say army-barracks chic??!! I should have packed fatigues to fit in instead of business suits, good grief.

Aha, now I make my way into the kitchenette. My favourite part of my room. There is a mini wicker basket with packets of sugar, sweeteners, powdered creamers and EUREKA a high caffeine source for the morning – cupajo!! Yes, things are looking up. The package has an unrecognizable brand name, touting that it is indeed “gourmet coffee”. Well I’ll be the judge of that when I’m a sleepy-head and cranky-pants tomorrow morning. On the flip side of the package there are two pictorial instructional series of how to prepare this golden stuff, one for English and one for French. There were no words that went with either one… All I wanted to know is how much water to add….HELLO…

Below was a 1 -800 number with a line “your comments are always welcome” I hope the chic on the phone knows how much water to add. She did.

So it’s time to catch up on e-mails and such. Hmmmm I click on which network. Funny the picture on the home page must be from some other hotel because the man is smiling in the picture and the room looks lovely. The power of advertising. Oh well, at least my password worked, I can dive into my reading and distract myself until Finding Erica is on the tube……

Despite all of that “noise” the meetings went very well. After all, that’s what I went there for, right? And NO business travel isn’t this luxurious benefit for some. In fact, occasionally it’s quite the opposite.

Even though I left my ruby slippers at home I was clicking my heels at check-out time. Come hill or high water, rain or shine or mega turbulence, there really is no place like home….Ahhhhhhhhh

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