Beyond Vitamins & Minerals – Polyphenols

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There is so much to know in the world of food and nutrition. Just when you think you’ve got it all down pat, other elements of the diet emerge. I was doing some reading today about the benefits of polyphenols. Research shows that those found in plants help limit the development of fat cells while it also breaks down lipids and fats. Well hello polyphenols!!

The basic blueberry is an excellent source of this fairy dust. Pomegranate, coffee are too. Polyphenols exist in in all plant foods and contribute to the beneficial health effects of veggies and fruit. Yes another reason why we need to try to get our 5-10 veggies & fruits every day.

I love reading about the bonanza benefits of blueberries, but I don’t believe in any one silver bullet to bludgeon the likes of obesity. Trust me, if I hear about a silver bullet you’ll be the first to know.

I love these tasty morsels whether blueberries or pomegranate pearls in salads to pump up the taste and add interest. Polyphenols, here I come!!

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