Mama Mia! Mac & Cheese

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My mind has been fixated on making home-made Mac & Cheese since being away on a bizz trip a few weeks ago. I was leafing through the Canadian Living Mag in the airport lounge and hit on this Dairy Farmers recipe so I had to give it a try. I KNOW you’ll agree, taste these lovin’ spoonfuls with a fire on as the temperatures dip and it’ll be in the cycle of fun-yummin’ dinner ideas until spring.

3 cups water
1 cup 10% half-and-half cream
3 cups (375 grams) elbow macaroni (or pasta of your choice)
2 Tbsp all purpose flour
1 tsp Dijon mustard
1/4 tsp pepper
1 1/2 cups milk
2 cups shredded Canadian old or extra-old Cheddar cheese

In a large pot, heat water and cream over medium heat until steaming. Stir in macaroni with a pinch of salt. Cover, reduce heat to medium low and simmer for about 8 minutes, stirring often until the macaroni is almost tender

Whisk flour, mustard and pepper into the milk, then stir into the pot. Increase heat to medium; cook, stirring for 3-5 minutes or until the sauce is thickened.

Remove from heat then stir in cheese until oooooey gooey melted.

One taste and you’ll be saying Mama Mia!! My Mother Dearest divulged she starts off this recipe with a sliced sautéed onion. I made this with skim milk and lower fat Cheddar which eased my dietitian’s conscience!! I used fun curly noodles to give it more character. I also heated the oven to 325 degrees F and put the completed mixture in a sprayed pan and baked until the top browned, just a few minutes. Definite food for the gods and goddesses in your life!!

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