Kids & Eating – Begging & Bargaining Backfire

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Who would have thunk some of the little kiddies have so much control, especially when it comes to eating various foods. Well they do hold all of the cards whether we like to admit it or not in many aspects of life. Your controlling management ways might work at the office; however, these strategies rarely work where the little tykes are concerned.

Research shows that begging, bribing and bargaining often backfire. It’s so counterproductive that not only will they not want to eat what you’re pushing but will admit to not liking those foods in the long-run.

Do you get consternation every time you want to serve cauliflower to your kids?? Well, do a rethink of your approach to avoid a big stink. Try a new approach at mealtime – offer a variety of food with a calm atmosphere. Avoid the standing ovation by showing emotion if Little Johnny tries what you made or the big fuss if he refuses. React like it’s no big deal.

Some studies show that new foods need to be presented 10-20 times before a child is willing to try it. Try the ole birthday party trick and introduce some of these foods with some good eaters in attendance. Little Johnny might want to impress his party going peers giving everything a try.

Really folks, kids know how to press their parents buttons, that’s for sure. They’ve been doing it throughout the ages. Try to turn the emotional dial down at mealtime and you might be pleasantly surprised at the outcome.

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