Skewed Attitude

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I was doing some thinking about the challenge of losing weight and keeping it off, hmmmmmm. I have mentioned many times that we make about 200 decisions about food and eating every single day. And each year is chocked full with 365 days with all of the fun, work, commitments, challenges, roadblocks in our journey of life.

I got to thinking that there’s an awful lot of research on aspects of the diet and behaviour to keep us up reading for weeks. But what I think is the glue that holds our regimen together is our attitude about it all. Are you a glass half full or half empty kind of gal?? Are you a Debbie Downer who rains on everybody’s parade, seeing the negative in even the best of situations?

When I did the math of all of these decisions in the context of my life I scratched my head wondering how I hold it all together? As I always say there are at least a thousand ways to do the same thing right, and even more to screw it all up. Why make it so difficult by being Queen Krankypants? Whether it’s about eating and staying on track or keeping your life inside the proverbial rails, the same principles apply.

It’s a gald darn big world out there. Despite the economic downturn there is plenty of opportunity for many of us. We just need some ingenuity, commitment, imagination and diligence. With that there’s not a lot you can NOT NOT do. I think our attitude is part of the foundation of success in life, whatever your goal. We take our cars for a tune-up. How about we do the same with our attitude, shall we?

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