Make a Date with Mother Nature

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What is it about being in a place with natural beauty that makes you feel so connected with the harmony of life??Happy Earth Day, and how better to celebrate it than by being here!!  I’m in Kelowna, British Columbia right now where nature is “right in your face”. We have an outlook to Lake Okanagan that’s so serene and beautiful it’s indescribable any season. We’re steps away from a small mountain, Mount Knox that draws me to it whenever I’m here.

Is it the fresh air? Mother Nature’s innocent glow? The countryside with rows of fruit trees and vine yards? Carmelis’ Goat Farm with freshly made cheeses? Chef, Rod Butters’ magic with organic foods whether he’s dishing up a burger, poutine or oat encrusted arctic char? The mystery of OgoPogo lurking in The Lake?? All of this and more permeates a sense of connectedness and harmony with nature, life and food…not to mention the BC wine!!

Maybe this is what we all need, us city dwellers – a date with Mother Nature. We need to bring our Zen back on-line once our proverbial hard drive has crashed. Perhaps it’s the different pace that helps heighten the senses to enjoy the simple pleasures more.  I don’t know. Despite being out here for work, it feels more pleasurable. When the work-day is done it’s time to stroll up the mountain. After you do that your awareness of savouring all good elements in your body overcomes you – air, view, food. You become more mindful and get drawn to what’s natural, such as those nutrient rich foods I talked about earlier in the week.

It’s true, all city dwellers and country folk alike need to literally stop and smell the roses, tulips, daffodils, lilacs or whatever’s blooming on a more regular basis.You don’t need to travel far for your date with Mother Nature. Make a concerted effort and this harmonizing with nature is yours to discover. Find your own little corner of God’s country, to reboot, rejuvenate, refocus and reconnect. Every day should be Earth Day.

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