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Ohhhh for the joy of aging healthfully with vibrancy and gusto. For we middle-aged folks, that’s exactly what we yearn for, not wanting to fade into the background of society in frailty by fizzling out. I read about an interesting study that looked at fitness and aging. The findings are very profound, namely “…regular exercise….doesn’t just preserve your ability to exercise as you get older; it also preserves your desire to exercise….”

This may sound odd but exercise is certainly an antidote for inertia, isn’t it?? Gone are the days of the notion that what happens when we age is to turn into an old granny rocking in your chair, knitting, sporting a grey-haired bun. Nay, nay I say!! I know many grannies who you wouldn’t even know were grannies as they participate in aquafit, walking, golfing, bike-riding, jogging, skiing and more.

Being committed to being and staying fit helps tremendously in our everyday participation in life. We can jump in with both feet in those regular activities of daily living to be able to do more whether it’s travelling from A to B, doing usual household chores, doing a hobby or simply not having to opt out of what you’d really like to do, because you are energetic enough to take part.

It’s true what they say “if you don’t use it you lose it”, which is one more reason to keep moving!!

I have a fond memory of this photo of a rock formation in Bulgaria, a place we toured and climbed this summer. There were seniors among us, referred to fondly as “The Golden Girls” who manoeuvred their way just fine….most of us did, anyways and saved room for dessert that evening.

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