A-muse Bouche….Few Words on Taste

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A “muse bouche” is sometimes served compliments of the chef to tantalize your taste-buds. We amuse our bouches through the many fanciful tastes and textures to heighten the joy of eating. This is of paramount importance to “we the people”. YES, taste is king!!

I have heard so many times that healthily food doesn’t taste good, claiming it’s bland, plain and ho hum. Nay nay I say, au contraire!! Back in “the day” when I was young and chunky “diet food” did taste crummy, I’ll admit. In this modern day and age; however, there has been a food revolution with types of foods, different ways to prepare it, international cuisine and more.

Sure there is a load of junk and fast food that appeals to the senses with the hit of fat/sugar/salt. But fab tasting food can come out of your own kitchen and grocery store too. I have found once you wean yourself off of that processed stuff onto Mother Nature’s fare you don’t keep eating more and more because it’s so good for you.

Check out my Food Revolution Recipe section for starters. There are a multitude of super easy, fast and tasty ideas that you don’t need the highly touted Michelin Star to prepare. When you focus on naturally nutrient rich foods you realize that Mother Nature provides us with tasty morsels. Take this afternoon for instance, I snacked on a plum, a nectarine and a handful of concord grapes. Food for the gods people, that’s for sure.

I think in 2011 we need to leave that old script behind and put it in the recycle bin and tune our taste attitude in already. Think outside of the package or styrofoam container and enjoy!!

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