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It’s been said that the most popular appliance this era is the power window. Eating out, driving through and getting fast food has become a way of life for many. Whether your intention is to pick up a coffee or a family meal you can make wise choices.We can overcome!

It would be ideal to prepare food at home and take more control over what you’re preparing. Let’s face it, busy families have learned to rely on convenience. You can make it work for you if this is your way of life.

Eating out is a way of life this day and age and can be a part of a healthy regimen.  Planning is key though, as it is for many aspects of daily life to retrain your robot into making wise choices.

Scenario: You are skidaddling to the kids’ lessons and need to eat along the way because you came home too late to make dinner.

-> Tips for Immediate Help

  • If you are pulling up to the drive through lane to place your order you’re going to make some decisions on the fly.
  • Think with your head and not with your stomach.
  • You are the adult so make decisions for everybody. Don’t cave to your precocious 8 year old who can talk herself out of any difficult situation and get her way.
  • DO’s – Think about the food groups, prioritize in terms of low fat, save calories in the drink you choose and forget about economy. Your health is worth more than that.
  • DON’TS – Avoid fried choices and battered foods or everyone in the car can share one serving, you don’t need dessert on the fly.

-> Tips for Needing Help Soon

  • Ok, now really think. Often fast food outlets are situated in the same vicinity. Go to the one with the healthiest choices. Allow the kids choice sometimes but if their choices are wreaking havoc on your regimen step up to the plate and make more of the decisions. After all you hold the purse strings, right!
  • Discuss in the car on the way the options they can choose from. It’s best to get the decisions made before you’re at the window, including what you’re going to eat.

-> Let’s Plan Ahead

  • All foods can fit even fast food. Take time to visit the websites of the outlets you and your family frequent most and review the nutritional content of the offerings. Knowledge is power and pick and choose options wisely.
  • Take time to visit other fast food outlets site you may not have frequented. You might be surprised at the nutritional value of food from other places especially ethnic fare – Italian, Greek, Polish, Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Mexican – you name it there are a lot of offerings. It is high time for you and your family to branch out and try other cuisine. People who say there aren’t a lot of choices when eating out haven’t done this exercise.
  • Eating fast food doesn’t imply you need to woof it down in 10 seconds flat. Driving and eating isn’t safe and is generally barbaric, so save it until you reach your destination. HOW you eat is as important as WHAT you eat so eating slowly, savoring the food and take your time.
  • Now, plan, plan and plan some more. If you do more eating at home you might be surprised at how much money and calories you’ll save. That money can be put toward rewards for you when you reach goals. Isn’t that a nice thought?

Food for Thought

Women who have lost weight successfully and maintained the weight loss plan their eating from week to week. Eating out is part of that planning process. If you truly enjoy eating at fast food outlets plan them in, enjoy the food and make it a positive experience. In North America today too many people woof down their food on the run. How does satiety ever register? Do you even taste the food? Now if you start taking your time eating this food it might not taste as delectable as you originally thought. Think about it.

Being the parent in the household allows you to make the decisions about when to eat in and when to eat out. Don’t be a doormat and cave in to your kids’ every whim when they’re trying to collect a complete set of toys with the SPECIAL meal. How kids eat now will teach them how and what to eat when they become independent so do them a favor and stand your ground.

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