Take the Path of Least Resistance

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I was reading a series of articles touting what the most important behavioural changes are one should make to promote weight loss. One said walk 500 more steps a day, another said eat 250 calories less a day, still another says to get enough sleep and the list goes on and on. TIME!! Who’s right??

I think it’s up to “we the people” to decide what’s doable for us, don’t you think?? I have written time and time again that it takes about 21 days for a newly adapted behaviour to become second nature. Also, we mere mortals can take on doing 1 to 3 new changes at once. And if we keep at it consistently we can make anywhere from 17 to 52 tweaks each year. How powerful is that??

I would encourage you to make a long list of possible activity and eating changes you feel pertain to you in YOUR world. This blog literally has hundreds to thousands of tips and tricks to consider. Go ahead and enlist the support of a dietitian if you want help to get organized. If you have mastered the behaviour you’ve committed to changing after the 21 day period then add something new. If you haven’t, keep on truckin’ and working at it until you’ve mastered it, then move on.

Aim to make changes on both sides of the energy equation to burn more calories and consumer a smidgen less. Choose those ideas that seem a cinch to change first. Why not take the path of least resistance rather than the road less travelled??

I remember when I counselled patients suggesting this approach. One pitfall for many was the consumption of sugared drinks whether soda pop or juice. Once this was changed over to the sugar-free varieties and eating real fruit weight feel off for many people. This easy change can get the weight loss off to a perfect start and help build enthusiasm with having positive results.

I find once people get energized and start feeling much better about new-found behaviours the momentum can really build …..eventually to a healthier you. I think the scientists are all right. We the people simply have to figure out what’s right for each of us. We can overcome!!

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