Sit Ye Down and Listen UP!!

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Often when people think about losing weight, a lot of focus goes on food and activity for obvious reasons. It is; however, as important to put our usual related behaviours under the microscope because the weight loss equation is much more complex.

Today’s focus is on where you do your eating: quite simply, sitting down to eat be it at your kitchen counter or gathering around a table is vital to your success. The secret to this weight loss nugget is having few distractions while eating such as watching the television or doing computer work while chowing down.

I have written many times about Dr. Brian Wansink’s wide array of wise research findings highlighting the “mindless eating” front and this tidbit goes along with that in spades.

Focusing in on hunger and satiety while eating is so vital, especially when we’re seeking to lose then maintain any weight loss. This is so basic yet so profound, so pull up a seat at the table and enjoy your food AND your family while you’re at it!!

Enjoy this photo. This was taken at RauDz Restaurant in Kelowna, B.C. during our first family dinner celebration of our 25th anniversary extravaganza weekend!!

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