The Sugar Blues – Will that be 1 Lump or 2?

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Way back when it was fat, fat, fat, then it was carbs, carbs, carbs, then it was trans fat, trans fat, trans fat, then it was (and still is) salt, salt, salt, now it’s sugar. What gives?? I’m surprised citizens don’t throw up their hands in revolt then storm city hall, The White House or the parliament buildings in frustration.

I can decipher this stuff because I’m trained to as a registered dietitian. Many consumers’ patience is running thin with being given the skinny on so many aspects of nutrition. As I always say, take heart – WE WILL OVERCOME!!

A report was released this week by Statistics Canada providing an overview of how much sugar we eat. Guess what the punch-line was….we eat too much. Well isn’t that a surprise. The population average intake of added sugar is 21% while the WHO suggests 10%. Look folks put your calculators away and take stock as we tap into some common sense.

First of all take a good hard look at everyone in your household in terms of their weight status. If anybody’s overweight or obese it would be in your best interest to make some goals and change things up, not only in the sugar department but all aspects of eating and drinking. If your child is gaining weight too quickly as noted by a paediatrician using a growth chart cutting added sugar is a perfect place to start.

Second, if eating more healthily is on your radar, scan your home for food and drink with added sugar. The report showed that among adults for instance soda pop accounted for 13% of sugar intake while candy added 5%. Even though milk and fruit contain natural sugar don’t give cutting these another thought. Focus on changing the empty calorie foods that provide few if any nutrients.

A tweak here an alternative there and voila you’ve taken a few lumps for the team while barely noticing.

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