Variety May NOT Be the Spice of Life

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Oh for the love of routine. I’ve been a travelling willbury over the past few weeks and I’m now back in the saddle at home. Although change is good I do; however, like getting back to basics where my eating routine is concerned. And, research confirms this – some benefits of monotony.

A recent study was done giving research study participants the same food for lunch for 5 days in a row. Hmmm sounds like my routine….. They found by the 5th day they ate much less of the food offering, up to 20% fewer calories. Hey, that’s no small amount when you add it up week after week and month after month!! The researchers call this behavioural shift habituation. Essentially the volunteers get used to what’s being served due to the mealtime monotony and end up eating less. How’s that for another stealth eating tip??!!

We live in a world where the variety of choices can be staggering for many items, especially food. I know full well while being away the wonders of having too much choice. It can get you right in the belt buckle AND the pants…….. if you catch my drift.

Why not save variety for dinner time and leave breakfast and lunch meals more predictable?? I’m back to my bowl-o-porridge at breakfast with a fruit snack then my mixed lunch salads, yoghurt, cottage cheese and more fruit. Just like Josh Groban sings “(it) fills me UUUUUPPPP” and I don’t overdo it.

This strategy helps you stay on track day in and day out. Now that’s not such a bad thing this time of year before we go to hibernate, is it??!!

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