Fork Logic

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Eating out is much more common these days, despite what consumers care to admit. Who doesn’t love to be treated now and then?? I know I do. Keeping your weight in check while enjoying your meals out of the home can be a challenge for many. There are a slew of stealth tips to keep in mind to help you through the tough slog of wining and dining. Take heart and we will overcome!!

A recent study found that diners at an Italian restaurant who used a larger fork ate less. The researchers noted this is applicable for large servings on large plates. Hmmmmm, who knew??

When eating out there are a few things we can try to control, but the serving size of the offerings is not one of them. Using the grande fork is one stealth strategy to keep in mind in this setting. You can also aim to have a mini snack before you go out to curb your appetite and order your meal before the wine starts flowing.

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE bringing home a doggie bag. I ate out last night and did the “whooo-horsey” after eating half of my entree – yay yay I say!! I can include the leftovers with lunch or another dinner. Ahh yes, the meal that keeps on giving. Ok, so call me the Duchess of Fork, I don’t mind!

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