Cracked UP – Sunflower Seeds

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I am continuing my nutty “Cracked Up” series. Today’s focus is the sunflower seed. A perfect snack with a multitude of nutritional benefits to boot. There are so many crummy snacks out there that tout many empty promises. But the sunflower seed is the real deal. You already know they are naturally nutrient rich if you are a longstanding T & T follower. A good source of protein and healthy fat. Have ‘em easy on the salt as I’m sure by now the salty stuff doesn’t taste quite as satisfying.

In addition to their great taste they are a fine source of vitamin E, magnesium, selenium all so fundamental to human health. Not to forget they are a fab fibre source.
These savoury seeds are rich in phytosterols with the eureka element of lowering cholesterol.

What I love most about snacking on these seeds in the shell is the fact you need to open each up and enjoy them one by one. You can’t woof down a fistful of these in the shell or you might be needing the heimlick manoeuvre before you’re done. As you enjoy each one you become mindful of how full you’re feeling. And that is a health benefit in itself with an inherent “woh horsey” button built right in. Now how great is that?? Very!!

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