Ode to Indy & Me

August 29th, 2011 No Comments Tags: , , , , , , ,

It’s just another new day, there on the news
Everybody seems to be crying the blues

Another storm, another crisis
Day after day are stories just like this

No matter the weather or what the news brings
Today is the day we made vows with our rings

Binding our lives with commitments we made
Through the proverbial sunshine and proverbial rain

Our lives have taken some ebbs and some flows
25 years later, through our memories this shows

We are 2 separate people with 2 different ways
When mixed up together, quite a cocktail we’ve made!

With respect and courage, with love and with joy
A dash of humour, hard work, open mindedness and more

For better, for worse, with family and friends
If I were to do it all over, with you, I’d do it again

What we have is bigger than just you and just me
With sights set outward, to do what’s right we will be

My life is richer for having you in it
We’ve set our sights high with new goals to begin with…

Tomorrow’s a new day and I know it will be
A time to do good and create new opportunity

At the end of the day, come hell or high water
What’s important in life ? It’s the little things that matter!

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