What’s in this Stuff Anyway?? Get Curious!!

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Knowledge is power, right? For many years a segment of our food supply, namely packaged goods have been mandated to provide a nutrition facts table with an array of nutritional information. When you deal with the masses of every age and stage and condition you need to cover your bases in terms of the information provided.

Over the years consumer understanding of this information has been studied. In some countries they even look for ways to simplify the many details on front of pack, realizing that less information for many, is more useful.

When you stand back, though you realize that you might be able to understand what’s in all this packaged food, but what’s in that other segment of our food supply, namely restaurant offerings? A news flash on this ran in the newspaper some time ago about nutritional information on some of these foods. Quite frankly, I was astounded by some of the details and I believe the general public would be as well. For example, I have a penchant for Pad Thai and I found that one restaurant’s dish had over 1,000 calories per serving. Who knew??

If something seemingly benign as Pad Thai had that amount of calories at one outlet I’d like to be aware of what’s in all food, like I can when I buy a packaged good. Now I won’t stop ordering this dish, but I’ll think about slowing down when I eat this, perhaps bring some home in a doggie bag and not hoover the whole dang thing down.

Eating outside the home is much more commonplace these days. With the obesity stats so extreme I think people deserve to know what’s in ALL of the food they purchase. It doesn’t hurt being curious. After all, as I often say, awareness is bliss!!

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