Plan for Success

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Ever asked someone who succeeded at something important how they did it?? Well I’ll tell you one thing for sure, they didn’t dilly dally around like a pinball in a pinball game. They got there with a plan. Oh for the love of planning. The cornerstone to success. Yes the devil is in all of the details.

I love this time of year as we approach “back to school” time. Because in the calendar year, this marks another mini-new year. The start of a new season and time of year. A great time to pull up your proverbial socks. Make a few goals and tighten the screws. If you have a game plan to better health and wellness review it and evaluate your progress to date. If you don’t, it’s a perfect time to make one.

Are you and members of your household moving in the right direction on the health front?? Are you making goals that better all members or are you following the neighbourhood pack and taking the willy nilly approach?

What is your dream for you and your family?? Is it to be healthier and to connect more often and more deeply?? If so you may want to nix the fallback plan of ordering in or hitting the drive through as often as you did in the past. A great way for everyone to connect is to plan and make meals together and sit down and enjoy. How perfect is that??!!

How about your activity level?? Are the kids thumbs in great shape from texting 143 times a day while their mid drifts are protruding? Take a good hard look to see what condition your condition is in. I find I’m more lax with my mat routine that includes my flexibility exercises, ab crunches, push ups and weights. To retrain my robot I put my mat in my path to get me back on track.

There are truly a multitude of positive behaviours you can do to better your health and your families. It’ll all start with a plan. Start making yours today. Happy Mini-New Year!!

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