Hail Waters – A Menu for Change

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This month marks the 40th anniversary of Alice Waters food legacy that started with humble beginnings with the opening of her restaurant Chez Panisse. A role model extraordinaire who had vision and tenacity against all odds “back in the day”.

She continues to see her vision to fruition, which is:

  • Good healthful food is a right for all, especially children
  • A civil society is one that cooks and eats together
  • It starts with respect for local, organic ingredients

Pretty impressive thinking for a French culturel history grad, I must say. Even better doing it. So simple, yet so profound, like many important things in life. She led this “good local food” revolution. A pebble of an idea CAN lead to an avalanche of change. And that, Alice Waters did to today.

Anyone else who runs a business might stop there, given the challenges. She could have focused on starting a chain for the sake of making more moula. But not Alice. She started a foundation called the Edible Schoolyard National. A grassroots concept getting kids involved in food from the ground up. Yes, pun is definitely intended!! Teaching kids where food comes from and what to do with it once it’s pulled out of the ground is pivotal to having a positive relationship and appreciation for food. This is the essence of a REAL happy meal, don’t you think??

Despite the rising cost of food, North America has loads of cheap and plentiful grub, much of it so refined it barely resembles the “food glorious food” from whence it came.

Yes Alice Waters’ life IS her message. She’s an plum example for all of us to follow. An inspiration. To lead not follow. To create a wholesome vision to better the world. To carve a dream to fruition. To continue pushing the envelope for the greater good. Hail Alice on her anniversary.

May her vision make us more aware of what positive acts we can do for our society. Bravo!!

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