Be Chew-sy

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Another new study results are out telling us something we already know – chewing your food more helps you eat fewer calories. This study came out of Harbin Medical University in China. There were two groups of men in the study, one obese and one normal weight. In a nutshell they found a 12% reduction in calories for those who chewed their food 40 times, hmmmmmm. This is no small reduction when added over a year. It could add up to a loss of 25 pounds – GULP!!

I don’t know about you, but when I’m in a rush I barely remember tasting and enjoying my food, and that’s a dog gone shame. There are many simple pleasures in life, tasting yummy food and feeling satisfied is surely one of them, ok two of them….. I also feel if people focused less on crazy diets and more on basics like this – chewing your food thoroughly, that’s one wise regimen in itself, don’t you think??

I have written many times about Dr. Brian Wansink’s book Mindless Eating. He describes a whole slew of practical eating behaviours we should be more aware of at home, when eating out, on the run and more. If you haven’t given this gold nugget a read I suggest you do so likity split.

There are many simple wisdoms in life, like chewing thoroughly that needs study results like this to remind us that “I told you so”. So basic yet so profound. Yes, be chew-sy and enjoy.

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