Don’t Sink With Your Drink

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Ahh yes many people say that ignorance is bliss, but I beg to differ – awareness is (see my post October 10, 2010). After all when we know better, we do better, right?? I wanted to turn the spotlight on our drinks because those bevy’s that quench our thirst, accompany our meals and give a little pick me up when we need it might be doing more than just picking you up. They might be picking you up AND your weight. Have an ear.

If you haven’t noticed lately the beverage industry is booming. Just take a stroll down the grocery aisles of soda pop, waters, sports drinks, coffees, teas, juices, fruit flavoured drinks, milk barely stands a chance, don’t ya think? And the caffeine contents of some of these gives me a buzz just thinking about it (see my post on June 19, 2011). And we haven’t even hit the wine, beer or liquor store, have we?? Or HAVE we!!

Take note, most of the world’s population does NOT live in the dessert, leaving the whole “hydration” argument mute even in the summertime. Yes we do need to drink enough but we don’t need 32 ounces of anything at one time. Our stomach’s cannot even hold that amount so take a pill and think about it.

You Do the Math – Do yourself a favour and write down everything you drink in a few days, including 1 weekend day. Take note of the amounts, even if it’s a free refill. Now let’s take stock of the calories of these, because drinks are indeed food, many which are not necessarily part of a healthy diet and when taken down the hatch in large quantities can pack a calorie punch that’ll knock you right out AND send your weight soaring if consumed in excess.

Calorie Content for Popular Bevy’s

Fruit juices 125 mL                                               50-75 calories/serving
Skim milk 250 mL                                                      88 calories/serving
Chai Latte 250 mL                                                    150 calories/serving
Iced Cappacino with cream 250 mL                     211 calories/serving
Soda pop, fruit punch 250 mL                                110 calories/serving
Iced tea 250 mL                                                             91 calories/serving
Sports drink 250 mL                                                  127 calories/serving
Bottle of beer                                                                183 calories/serving
Daiquiri or Margarita                                               240 calories/serving
Spirits 50 mL                                                               109 calories/serving
Vino 125 mL                                                                  90 calories/serving

Eat Your Calories Don’t Drink Your Calories
Moooo – t Point – Firstly, let’s separate milk from the running here. Dairy products provide so many nutrients if you have a glass with each meal, bravo for you. It is not a food you drink in unlimited quantities though, just because it’s good for you. Got that??

Count Up the Bottoms Up – Ok folks, if you made a list of everything you sipped pay close attention to amounts and jot down the calories for each and add up your daily intake of calories from your drinks – ta da!! Are you surprised?? Now, from a calorie perspective I like to keep in mind 1 rule of thumb: you generally burn 100 calories when walking 1 mile. So, in addition to all of your food how many miles would YOU need to walk to burn the calories you drank. Too many, perhaps??

Fluids are Food – If your weight is fine then you can skip this class. But I have a sneaky suspicion that you’re reading this because you want to know more about it. I don’t want you to start counting calories. Heavens no!! I want you to realize that your drinks are food too and they contribute to your overall nutritional status. If you DO have an issue with your weight this one aspect of your diet that is the easiest to change. There are a MULTITUDE of no-cal options that can sink a ship, except of course for the spirits and alcohol….ho hum….

Eat Your Cals, Don’t Drink ‘em – I wrote about eating your calories many times and stand by that today. Think about it, using juice as an example. One fruit serving is equal to 4 ounces (125mL) of juice. First off, do they make classes or servings that small anymore?? Ahhh I digress. Yes juice is thirst quenching, then again, so is water.

Bushel & a Peck – I have counselled patients who would routinely have a few 8 ounce glasses of juice each meal, and that’s only from what they could remember. Now, think about eating the fruit equivalent to this estimating 8 ounces of juice was consumed at breakfast and double that at lunch and dinner. This adds up to 10 fruit equivalents, close to a basket of fruit. Now if you want to eat a whole lotta fruit, I say go for it. You have to chew it and it takes up space in your stomach to fill you up. It will edge out other foods so that you’ll peter out eating because you’ll feel so darn full. Got the message?

From Margaritaville to the FatFarm - Who doesn’t like a little bottom’s up out on the deck with wine, spirits, beer or the like. I’ll drink to that. Even if you’re off in la la land, the calories of these drinks still count. Keep that in mind as you say sante, chin chin, dibogia and the like, or else if you have too much over time you’ll develop a chin chin (aka a double chin)!!

Ok folks, knowledge is power. I’m confident you WILL do better, because now you know better. Fluid IS food so if you want it work it in and work other stuff out to keep your weight in balance, make a conscious decision to do so. Cheers!!

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