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Studies are showing that from a food choice perspective, taste is still king yet convenience is queen. It’s one factor on food choice emerging as the time-starved family mealtime hero. Some people hit that snooze buzzer way too often leaving them no time to make a lunch finding many who used to brown-bag-it are now food-courting-it. Trust me on this folks if you’re a regular on this front awareness is certainly bliss, especially if your belt buckle running is out of holes. Take note!

You probably already know that many fast food joints create a fiasco with few food facts of their offerings for we health minded folks. It’s worth doing some food fact surfing and high number turfing. You can find the data on the internet before you go and decide which outlets you’ll be frequenting more often. The old adage “oh my, it’s a treat” doesn’t apply to the frequent flyer of the food court. You know who you are, oh ye court jester??

Ok first off you want to eat economically and still feel satisfied heading back to work in the afternoon. Think balance of the food groups. If you overdo it, you and Dilbert will be caught sleeping at your cubicle. And you won’t want to face the consequences of that scene.

Eyes on the Size
Let’s face it folks we’re not living in the real life “honey I shrunk the kids” with the size of the portions these days. Change your motto from “go big or go home” to “go small or prepare it from home”.

Breakfast Bonzo
First off, consider those breakfast offerings whether on a bagel, biscuit or english muffin plus egg, bacon, cheese a once in a while treat. They range in calories from ~300-500 per serving, but knock the ball out of the park in the fat and sodium departments. They range in fat from ~15gm-30 grams of fat/serving and sodium from ~730-1260mg/serving. No not a good way to start your day whether they have a catchy jingle or show skinny young working gals wearing pencil skirts eating them. Trust me, ask any of those skinny models and it ain’t that fare they’re starting out their day with folks. You already knew that though, right??

When Enough is Enough Already
Next, how many burgers with bacon can any 1 human being actually need at any one meal. The double patties with cheese generally pack on a 650 cal/serving punch with 35 grams of fat and ~1,000 grams of sodium. Err on the side of fewer folks, please, use your head and don’t eat anything the size of it…

NO YOU DON’T Want Fries With That
Repeat after me, when asked “do you want fries with that??” answer “no”, “nada”, “ni”, “niente”. I don’t care if they’re made with sweet potatoes or what. These are not an everyday food. If they become such you will not be seeing the likes of your feet when you stand and look down in the near future. Tried sharing lately?

All Chicken Choices are NOT Created Equal
Ok another one of my pet peeves is the marketing line “these nuggets or deep fried pieces of chicken stuck together contain WHITE meat” as if they have a halo. No, angels are NOT singing when you hear this. Think this through. Lodge this nutritional-chicken-mc-nugget in your memory bank and fast. A typical breaded chicken sandwich packs a 632 calorie punch with 39 grams of fat and 1240 grams of sodium. Give the grilled chicken a try at 335 calories with 12 grams of fat and 330 mgs of sodium.

The Sinking Sub
Now a line about the sinking sub sandwich. I don’t care how much money you’re saving on the 12″ sub you are losing on this special unless you’re splitting it, otherwise you’re going down with the ship on this one. The 6″ veggie sub wins on all fronts here folks at 216 calories/serving, 4 grams of fat and 529mg sodium. All the other 6″ offerings have 420-600 calories/serving 16-28 grams of fat and 722-1651mg sodium – OUCH!! Jarod from the commercial did NOT lose weight on the high fat subs, so don’t fool yourself into thinking they all have a halo here, because the DON’T.

Go East My Friend, Far East
Try some Chinese or Japanese stir fry more often. Many of these meal servings range from 200-300 calories/serving with 9-13 grams of fat and ask them to ease up on the soya sauce use during the prep. Keep in mind though the deep fried meal accompaniments like sweet and sour chicken balls – 3 have 200 calories with 10 grams of fat. I don’t know about you I have rarely found the chicken in these balls, have you?? Plus that redder than red “lipstick” sauce is so far from natural it isn’t even funny. It might be ooey-gooey-good, but it’s not funny. Your fortune cookie will give you a double noogie on this choice. Hmmmm I’m not sure why L’Oreal hasn’t come out with that lipstick colour “Bobo Ball Red” yet!!! Ahhhh I digress……

Mama Mia – Eyes on those Pies
As for pizza pies you are choosing from a 12″ or something much larger? My numbers here is for a sixth of a twelve inch. Keep in mind size matters and we’re erring on the side of smaller. Calories range from 200-250 fully loaded and range from 7-12 grams of fat plus 340-630 mg of sodium.

So there you have it folks, some facts about food from the Food Court to keep in mind before you blow the button of your trousers choosing the super high options. You need to keep your head about you before you go if indeed you did not do like a Girl Guide and “be prepared”. If the old adage “you are what you eat” is true, then what are you made of??

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