Prom Queen Dreamin’

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This the season of the proms. That special time of life to celebrate the closing of one chapter and the opening of another. The flurry and excitement as the blessed day approaches is almost too much to take – the dress, the tux, the shoes, the accessories, the friends, the foes, the limo, the pre-party, the during party, the after party and the petty stuff in-between….. It has turned into a bit of a marathon run with a changing finish line, don’t you think??

My youngest niece has done her share of prom queen dreamin’ of late and that blessed day is now behind her. It got me thinking of the various ages and stages of life as my current “team sweater” heads into retirement and my next chapter awaits to unfold.

I remember my Dad’s blunt wisdom to me and my seestas when we wanted so badly to grow up lickity split. “Little people have little problems, big people have bigger problems, hmmmmm.” I remember looking on with my blank characteristic look, thinking “what on earth is he talking about??” until I grew up and understood it full well!!

Yes be careful what you wish for – the perfect partner, the perfect marriage, the perfect job, the perfect kids, the perfect holiday, the perfect home, the perfect retirement. I’m all for dreamin’ don’t get me wrong. But your dreams can set you adrift to the past or the future while your present passes you by. And as they say, the “present” is truly a gift.

I remember the day my niece was born, holding that bundle with amazement, like the miracle all new babies are when they arrive into the world. Our little Thumbelina. I feel like I blinked and now she’s going to college. What gives?? Just yesterday it was ice cream and now it’s the prom dream, where has the time gone??

Stay in the moment to enjoy the day, because many blinks later, eons pass without even realizing!!

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